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DAVID BURROUGHS MATTINGLY - art for Mission of Honor (Harrington 12) by David Weber - 2010 Baen Books

David Burroughs Mattingly — 'Mission of Honor' (Honor Harrington) by David Weber

Admiral Lady Dame Honor Harrington, Steadholder Harrington, Duchess Harrington, Royal Manticoran Navy of David Weber's Honorverse novels

The Honorverse is a massive scifi space opera written by David Weber, and the main series currently spans 13 novels.

David Burroughs Mattingly (b.1956) — 'At All Costs' by David Weber,  2005  (1024×1555)

David Burroughs Mattingly - cover art for At All Cost (Harrington by David Weber - 2005 Baen Books hardcover

The Honor of the Queen (Honor Harrington #2)

The Honor of the Queen Authors: David Weber Year: Publisher: Baen Cover: Laurence Schwinger

Mike henke box image.jpg

Michelle Henke

Lady Michelle Henke, CGM, Countess Gold Peak, was a Manticoran Peer of the Realm and an officer.

David Burroughs Mattingly (b.1956) — 'Ashes of Victory' by David Weber (683×1125)

David Burroughs Mattingly — 'Ashes of Victory' by David Weber

The Reliant-class, an example of a Manticoran battlecruiser


The Reliant class was the Royal Manticoran Navy's most modern class of battlecruisers during the.