“Today (July in 2013 - Zarry snap a selfie at TMH Kansas City!

well then those weren't real directioners in the first place. I would still love all of them if they were all taken and be happy that they were happy. so deal.

I AM HERE FOR LIFE BABY! Ive kind of subconsciously accepted the fact i will never be with them and i will love them no matter who they love. Because im not a fan, im a directioner.

Zayn's signal for seeing a cute girl and then Niall agreeing. I just died!!!

Zayn's signal for when he sees a cute girl at a meet 'n greet. Oh my word. And then Nialls just looking at Zayn and agreeing. I can't even breathe right now.(gif) I CAN'T BREATHEEEEEEEE

Two of the most beautiful people to exist -- cannot believe I get to see them in person tomorrow!!!!

I can feel their chemistry just by looking at this pic. Zouis is real

One Direction

really though liam did go through bullying and did get told no and now look at him bless. jade from LM as well. I love you Liam 😊

One Direction, 1D, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, DJ Malik, Lou, Tommo .xx

That lip bite and that girl in the background has my exact reaction.