Some Jerza doodle during spare time at work Elfgreen: Gruvia: Nalu: Erza / Jellal belongs to Hiro Mashima / Fairy Tail.

beaglecakes: “ Commission of Gray Juvia! — Status — Jerza - Completed! Gruvia - Completed! Nalu - Pending Elfgreen (or Everman??) - Pending ”

beaglecakes: “ Commission of Gray Juvia! Nalu - Pending Elfgreen (or Everman?



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Gildarts, Cana and Cornelia (grandfather, daughter & granddaughter)

Elfgreen by GruviaPon

Erza (c) Fairy Tail // Hiro Mashima.


It's Juvia from Fairy Tail! Pencil drawing then some Photoshop edit / color alteration.

Fairy Tail

Jerza so cute

Lisanna and Mirajane

I just pin them all because they are awesome - Fairy Tail ~ DarksideAnime

Fairytale x hunger games

Sting is so amazing i mean i still have a super big anime crush on gray and natsu but sting is somewhere on the anime crush list

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Erza et jellal 😍

Oh my god I can't believe this!!! I requested ayumichi-me to draw jerza from my Tumblr account and she actually accepted IT!!!!!! I'M SO IN LOVE WITH HER ARTWORK! CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S ACTUALLY HAPPENED!!! ✨❤️✨

I’m freaking love the ship too! Anways, It’s my first time to draw Jerza.

No there aren't only three dragon slayers... Three are mores.<<< Three dragon slayers in Fairytail

I'm pretty sure there are 4 Lucy's. Edolas Lucy, Gemini Lucy, Future Lucy, and Normal Lucy. So there is 4 Lucys not Technicaly future lucy is normal lucy

Erza Scarlet

Anime girl with red hair.

Jerza- Erza is wearing Jellal's shirt....AWWW! Jellal: I really like your T-Shirt ;)

Jerza- Erza is wearing Jellal's shirt. Jellal: I really like your T-Shirt

Mavis Vermillion | Tumblr

Mavis Vermillion from Fairy Tail

jerza, anime, and fairy tail εικόνα

carishinlove: “ Sorry for lack of art on my dash. Been really busy with personal stuff, plus I got art block for a sec. This is the edited version of THIS pic I did a little over three years ago this.