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Patrick looking like the little angel he is playing the piano <3

Can I just have a whole album called "The Patrick Stump Experience". Seriously, he should record an entire album of his heavenly voice and only himself on the acoustic guitar and piano. and it would sell millions. ^^^^ This needs to happen.

Wow xxxxxxxxxxxx

he's in the gutter waving his hand ✧ patrick stump of "soul punk" and fall out boy

((FC: Patrick Stump. This is a edit photo I found.)) Hey, I'm Patrick. I'm a angel and these are my wings when they are out. I can sing and play the guitar. I don't get along with most demons but some are kind. I'm 18 and single.

// "I thought of angels, choking on their halos, get them drunk on rose water. See how dirty i can get them, pulling out their fragile teeth, and clip their tiny wings." probably the creepiest FOB lyrics imo.