Block 32 / Tectoniques Architects

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Image 8 of 23 from gallery of Block 32 / Tectoniques Architects. Photograph by On Stage

Wyly Theatre aluminum detail photo by Dallas Architect Bob Borson

Wyly Theatre aluminum sections at the bottom

Jarego House / CVDB arquitectos

Jarego House / CVDB arquitectos

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BBK Sarriko Centre / Architects: ACXT  Location: Bilbao, Spain

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Pit House / UID Architects Awesome design feature BBK Sarriko Centre / Architects: ACXT Location: Bilbao, Spain The atrium at the Atlanta M.

Edificio Maipú / Nicolás Campodonico

Image 14 of 29 from gallery of Maipu Building / Nicolás Campodonico. Photograph by Martin Lavayen

This amazing bachelor pad should be in your bucket list #HappyHome

Covering badass bachelor pads on a regular basis, it takes a lot for us to get excited when it comes to apartments. Well that’s exactly what architect Bernard Khoury was able to do with the amazing NBK Residence. The famous Lebanese architect has designed

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Nicky Zwaan & Joris Brouwers, Artists / Amsterdam, The Netherlands, photo by Jordi Huisman.Courtesy of Freunde von Freunden: Friends.

Timber & Green Facade

beautiful facade with living walls, wood, metal and glass Vertical Living Gallery in Bangkok Thailand Architects: Sansiri PCL Landscape Architect: Shma Company Limited (Photo: Wison Tungthunya)