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Wolverine Dexter Soy

Wolverine // penciled sketch by Dexter Soy ComicsForever on This (Watermarked) Art: Man I sure do hate watermarks, they are often used in some of the best artwork I find (also in some of the worst) with the lame excuse of protecting.

Ice Man, Wolverine & Gambit  pencil & Ink art by Ed Benes! (Marvel comics)

Original Comic Art: Illustration, Ed Benes Wolverine / Gambit / Iceman Illustration I llustration Original A Image

Pretty amazing art - DC COMICS by david despau <--- Needs more Wonder Woman:

~ batman wonder woman, & superman, because that's the only semi-decent superheroes DC has. ~ Pretty amazing art - DC COMICS by david despau

Wolverine and The Wolves - Ardian Syaf Comic Art

wolverine (james howlett / logan) and the wolves by ardian syaf

Super Hero Family Time... ah the last one kills!

Super hero family time -- this. This is precious, then it broke my heart seeing Peter Parker without his Uncle Ben.


X-men - Wolverine - Hugh Jackman. Scribble Drawing Portraits Super Heroes and More. See more art and information about Vince Low, Press the Image.