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Funny German

Germany wins it for me. (Thought of Hetalia.) And if i dident say he won i dont know how bad he would hert me.<<I wish I could add pictures because otherwise I'd add the American sunset that looks like the American flag<<<< so true tho

"Help, I'm covered in chameleons and no one believes me!"

27 Tweets That'll Make You Laugh, But You Won't Know Why

New Commission of… Commissioned by

New Commission of… Commissioned by

Even with the correct phrase aka the blood ofthe covenant v. Water of the womb, I agree pancakes will never wrong me


I tried to scroll past this. It's really not "funny" to people who've been through a tornado, but as a Wizard of Oz reference, HILARIOUS


I'm pregnant. This morning I told my husband to put the Oreos somewhere I couldn't reach them.he put them on the floor Brilliant!