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This is actually really true because I'ce watched NCT 127 on weekly idol and suddenly i purely love them

omg yes.

So true. Their dammed variety skills are deadly. How I fell in love with Infinite in the first place.

Me! Jijiji

My teacher today asked me who my favourite celebrity Wes (she was talking about American one's) and I blurted out "Boo Seungkwan" before thinking and then I hid under my hood for the rest of class. I've been exposed as a kpop per.

This is so very true for me. I also go back a lot on a music video cuz I'm watching one member then I see another member doing something and I'm like "ooo I missed that, gotta go back."

And even thought you watched Growl 1357962456800 times, you still focus only on Sehun and Kris

I'm both | allkpop Meme Center

I'm both

BAHAHA so true among Kpop fans and I'm a Get Yo Crayon person


Since some people doesn't understand why kpop fans likes kpop, here's a brief explanation why we like kpop.

Then it's official, it's actually more comforting then English a lot of time haha

I feel completely at "home" with the Korean language flowing into my ears

Bιaѕ:втѕ jυngĸooĸ

Nice description of me as a kpop fangirl. That hurts my feelings

KPop Fans Can Relate #995. Oye, except I keep my hair out of the way so I don't have bangs...doesn't stop me from blowing away anyway.

KPop Fans Can Relate Oye, except I keep my hair out of the way so I don't have bangs.doesn't stop me from blowing away anyway.

Infinite isn't just a measurement. Blaq isn't just a color. BTS just isn't behind the scenes

Kpop fans can relate- HAHAHAHA, This is what Kpop does to your mind and life. xD once you become a kpopper, EVERYTHING reminds you of it!

And when u talk to them they think your crazy :(  (Too true, "double true" in my case)

so TRUE.that I'm embarrassed and when realise that ur korean friend is the closet ur getting to seeing a kpop star

I listen to faces all the time

Cause, you know, when you first hear a song you really like from a new group you have never seen without seeing them as you listen, it is all about their appearance -_- The 'hater' has my mother's logic.