Garden Door (remember that old doors don't have safety glass. best to remove it if children are about) - Gardening For Life

Garden Inspiration. Cute idea

Garden Salvage

Garden Salvage: took an old door and coated the glass with mirror paint, then mounted it to fence.A "secret door to nowhere". This would be good balance to the Doggy window on our board fence and make our side yard feel bigger.

Creative use of a couple of old doors.  Almost instant pergola.  Fantastic idea!

what a great way to repurpose old doors! and thrifty - stores and garden centers are charging buku bucks for arbors.this is awesome curb-appeal-anything-outdoors-garden-yard

An "old" door fence. Perfect for the unique and eclectic....

Love this recycled door fence! Going to try hitting up some flippers to get doors they toss to do this. We also have a restoration place in New Bedford, MA called New England Salvage and Restoration that I can get doors from.

window box

Charleston Window Box - Blue Hydrangea, Purple Oxalis, Silver Lamium, and English Ivy. This is SO pretty!

Spirals of Barbed Wire In Upcycled Door | I finally decided … | Flickr

Recycled door would make a great trellis. This has barbed wire spirals connected together to form a panel. Thinking barbed wire would not be so good as a trellis, as the yearly clean out of dead vines would be a bear!

A lovely combo of ferns, impatiens and birdhouses

A lovely combo of ferns, impatiens and birdhouses. Maybe by Forest Pansy Redbud and Maple tree or by Redbud tree on north side of den

rustic garden doorway by mousiness

Hanging Geraniums in a potting shed/greenhouse. What about this using our own salvaged doors/windows. I love this idea!