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Catching Fire Deleted Scene. How could they cut this out?! This was one of the best Finnick scenes in the book.

How could they cut this out? This was one of the best Finnick scenes in the book.<<Every Finnick scene was the best in the book

YES!!!! Also, I want a history of the hunger games. Like how the rebellion came to be!!!

i hate how the end just says Gale lives in district two and she sees him on the new sometimes! I also think she should write a series about peeta and katniss and their family

Oh Jack, what are we going to do with you...

24 Times The Cast Of "The Hunger Games" Broke Character. This isn't really breaking character, it's more behind the scenes.

SET PHOTOS: Katniss and gale I'm guessing in the Capitol cause it looks like they're in disguise ;)

Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth on set of Mockingjay! No no no I think I know what part this is AHHHH