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Magical Night Photography Of Tokyo’s Streets by Masashi Wakui | Bored Panda

Magical Night Photography Of Tokyo’s Streets by Masashi Wakui

Fotos de Tokyo, no Japão, tiradas pelo fotógrafo Masashi Wakui, uma coleção que mostra a modernidade e tradição da capital japonesa.

As melhores fotos já tiradas de Tokyo e toda a beleza estranha do Japão

Japanese photographer Masashi Wakui captures Tokyo’s streets at night, and especially neon lights and the atmosphere that comes from the little back alley

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Masashi Wakui is a self-taught Japanese photographer who hides in the dark corners of Tokyo to document the city like a scene from an intimate fairytale.


Rainy Night, Chicago, Illinois photo via deette. I absolutely love this photo ♥

this isn't happiness™ (Still falls the rain, Masashi Wakui), Peteski

「ジブリ 背景」の画像検索結果

Tokyo by Night by Masashi Wakui - These photos are incredible. The colors are so intense I had to check to be sure they were, in fact, photographs and not paintings.

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archatlas: “ Tokyo’s Pink Glow Xavier Portela takes us on a visual sojourn through the luminous landscape of Tokyo, saturating the sidewalks, streets and sights in a pink-hued glow. On a recent trip.

東京の「路地裏夜景」が美しすぎると海外で話題に・・・【18枚】 | TABI LABO


Liam Wong

Liam Wong injects a unique cyberpunk flavour into his images, casting a light upon the dark corners and back alleys that twist throughout Tokyo. His photog

moody cinematic photos by masashi wakui explore tokyo's luminous landscape by night

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Nakano Nights by Liam Wong

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Dizem que Tóquio é uma cidade mais encantadora ainda durante à noite, e essas fotografias são a prova disso. Masashi Wakui, fotógrafo japonês autodidata, é o responsável pelas incríveis imagens, que foram feitas em becos e bairros como Shibuya e Shinjuku, e conseguem transmitir todo o esplendor noturno da metrópole japonesa.

Fotografias noturnas de Masashi Wakui revelam uma Tóquio cinematográfica e vibrante

For years photographer Masashi Wakui has been traversing the streets of Tokyo to capture compositions that he'll later edit into these surrealist scenes. He mainly manipulates colour, lending

Nighttime photographs of Masashi Wakui, a Japanese photographer who captures the lights of Tokyo.

The city of Tokyo, Japan is one the most wanted places to visit in the World. I haven't had the chance to go visit yet and the series Tokyo at Night by Masashi Wakui surely doesn't help as well.