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EYE BOY as CYCLOPS by maximegarbarini on DeviantArt

Trevor Hawkins a. EYE-BOY Trevor was one of the new mutants who showed up after the Phoenixe debacle. His power disfigured him, as he was having eye. EYE BOY as CYCLOPS

Remember!  Not everything you read online is fact.  Quacks echo and babies do have kneecaps.

random facts ~ i actually knew the blue eyes thing from reading an article about it recently.pretty cool since i have blue eyes :)


Uncanny X-Men comic issue 516

James McAvoy. Dark hair, ginger beard. Okaaay.

James McAvoy: 'There will be people who walk out of the cinema I'm sure'

Let's take a moment to appreciate the whole blue eyes, raised eyebrow, dark hair, ginger beard Scottishness that makes James so OMFG that I just can't even.

What Their Callings Would Be If the X-Men Were Mormons

What Their Callings Would Be If the X-Men Were Mormons

Michael Fassbender. X-Men: First Class. X-Men: Days of Future Past. X-Men: Apocalypse. Shame. Prometheus. Macbeth. 300.

Photoshoots: Michael Fassbender