Gorgeous art style

Noemie sketches by dCTb on deviantART. Character Design / Reference ~ This is it! I've been looking for just the right character to finish off the group, and this is her!

✿*´*✿♥ L ҉ O ҉ V ҉ E ҉ ((♥‿♥)))_(¯`:´¯) ..¸✿¯`•.•´ ._♥ ¯`:´¯ ✿ RUMA♥ZIHOZAYO by Carlos Eduardo

"When I am older I'll draw nothing but busty girls in swimsuits and panties!" - me when I was up drawing cute girls and portraits.at least I got drawing girls right.

The wavy hair though looks so real and detailed!~ :33 x"33 awesome! :D

Been very busy nowadays. Ok fine I'm playing a lot of Overwatch and then there's the witcher 3 expansion coming out I mean come on!

Frank, Frank-ing it up by Chopstuff on DeviantArt

Various doodles of my 2 characters from the last couple of months. It has taken me a while to warm up to drawing Iman, but now I really enjoy drawing him in his outfit XD His tattoos will be the de.