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Hyrule Warriors - Midna

Twilight Princess – Zelda fan art by Paul Kwon “One of the old pieces that I worked on! A fan art tribute to Zelda Twilight Princess” View Original Source Here

Zant and Midna

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Midna and Zant / Midna and Zant by StellaB on deviantART When I was little and first played this game, Zant creeped the shit out of me and I was too terrified to play lol

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Link (Legend of Zelda) , beautiful! Best game out there to this day.


Finally sketched traditionally again (I wasted a lot of paper bc where is the undo button omfg), and what better to draw then my beloved Zelda in her new (very hard to draw) outfit! Edited in photo.

I-am-knot Midna (full form)

Midna Twilight Princess - She looks so sad in this picture. I guess it's because holding the Sword of the Sages reminded her of the Sage of Water's death.

Midna Legend of Zelda

健全) by しつう on Pixiv. ** Permission was granted by the artist to upload this submission! Check out their other amazing work and make sure to give them ten stars! DO NOT EDIT OR REPOST.** - Holy cow this is amazing!

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The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess / Wolf Link, Midna, Yeto, and Yeta, Who goes back just to snowboard?