1878 wedding ensemble

While white is now de rigueur for bridal attire, the fashion for white wedding gowns originated only in the late century. This dress is a good example of the more practical century practice of brides wearing colored gowns for weddings.

Queen Alexandra (Princess at the time?) in a sailor suit

Princess Alexandra of Denmark, 1884 (she married Bertie, Prince of Wales, he became King Edward VI of Great Britain & she became Queen Alexandra of Great Britain) I'll post some more photos of her, as she was a beautiful and fashionable woman of the time.

Dress, 2-piece, printed percale, silk ribbon, 1885

Dress 1885 Les Arts Décoratifs - to make the style more Steampunk, I would change the border decoration and take off the bow at the neck

Emile Pingat dress ca. 1885

Ensemble by Emile Pingat, 1885 Paris, Shelburne Museum . Another example of Pingat taking inspiration from century menswear styles.

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Pinning this 1885 American wedding dress purely for the little lace skirt below the bodice. I must remember that for design reasons!