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This is an Apo fractal that I made for the Apo Challenge 150 being held by `f--l--A--r--k. It's hard to believe that these have been going on for over 2 years! What a wonderful thing for the fract.

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Last Spirals of Autumn - Rainbow Spiral Fractal Art

Cosmic Ordering Secrets - Last Spirals of Autumn - Rainbow Spiral Fractal Art 3 Steps To Living A Life Full Of Abundance

all that jazz

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Pastel Spiral

'Pastel Spiral' by Kinnally. This artwork was featured by RB groups:_ A Fractal Energy Passion Fractal Frenzy Fractal Paradise Globes, Spheres and Curves JPG Cast-Offs Solo Exhibition Spectacular Spirals _ Available with other artwork at m.

Batoruco's World by `Lilyas on deviantART

I dedicate this fractal collage to my friend Javier Ontiveros batoruco/J-a-v-i-e-r who died in July 2009 after a heart attack. Javier inspired my wo.