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Vinny is not very good at socializing

This is by far one of my top favorite deo pictures


Purple guy:wanna dance me:*steps back and falls* ugh phone guy:you better not touch her!(DUKE OF MADNESS OMFG)

((Open RP)) Hey, why don't you come on over here, love?~

((Open RP)) Hey, why don't you come on over here, love?

Hey, what's wrong?

People Piss me off when they say this is Vince from Deo's Version of the purple man.But this is actually Vinny Vinny is a real life hallucination from Deo's Condition

Rebs: The gang’s all here. Love the new look and that Mike is part of the LAPD!

From what I understand, these are characters from Rebornica's story Night Terror, which is a part of Pilot. They are actually NOT her FNAF AU characters, but their designs appear to be based on them.