Eucomis 'Leia'|Juniper Level Botanic Gdn, NC|

Like the name says, filler plants are there to fill up space in a container garden. See a list of the best filler plants for containers


We call these.Naked Ladies around here.They grow wild in central Louisiana.Red spider lilies - it's a surprise lily. The small leaves die down in the spring and then in the fall the tall flower spikes emerge.

Lilium Tiny Asiatic 'Pearl' Lily from ADR Bulbs

Dwarf Asiatic lily 'Tiny Pearl' (PPAF) has larger, rich pink flowers on sturdy but compact stems and is a great newer addition to the lily looks series.

'Oakhurst' pineapple lily (Eucomis comosa) with 'Tangerine Gem' signet marigold (Tagetes signata) and 'Redbor' kale

'Oakhurst' pineapple lily (Eucomis comosa) these are the closest looking hardy thing that we can have to Bromeliads in the uk.

Ixia - Corn Lily Mixture - Australian Gardener

Ixia - Corn Lily Mixture - Australian Gardener