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Aka when they talk about one of my fandoms

This is me when i hear people talking about horses! People have NO idea about horses!

I love how even the guys from the other team are like "Dude. Are you okay? Let's get you down" <--- LOL

'I love how even the guys from the other team are like "oh crap, Dude. Let's get you down"'- previous pinner No I think the guys on the other team just want to get possession of the ball

So legit!!

I laughed way more than I expected to lol I don't often walk to the beat of music (not consciously anyway) but this is fantabulous hahaha

I'm really going to say this to the next person I see trying to do that in a picture

From now on, whenever I see people doing that stupid duck face, I will imagine them eating invisible spaghetti.

#LOL - Google+

When I run into a friend in between classes but I don't have time to chat: *penguin waddles into view* Penguin: "Sup" *waddles out of view*

Funny and Relatable! Gif

this gif is the funniest gif on the planet. also, this is my entire life. and also why my room is never clean. omg I'm in the car and that "I'm worth it" song by Rihanna or whoever came on while I watched that gif!