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A Pilot is an elite soldier and operator of a Titan, possessing superior skills and equipment.

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Since the character looks malicious and sadistic, I see this as a possible idea for my main enemy 'Terra' and it also shows a sense of darkness, due to the armour being a dark colour.

Noisy Pics : Foto

- by Marco Plouffe Full-size [here] Turntable of the sculpt [here] “Here’s a Keyshot render of my W. ZBrush sculpt with some post-prod texture and effects in Photoshop.


The Aleerins were a highly advanced civilization related to the Primordial Fraal who made heavy use of cybernetic enhancements, nanotechnology, and the Hyper Immersion Network (HINet)

Love these images especially when they are of aviation aircraft:

Realistic model of the Vought Corsair II. Designed for the Navy to replace the Adopted by USAF to replace Rugged, subsonic, swept wing, single seat attack bomber. Powerplant PW Carried up to lbs of ordnance.

Alejandra Vega, Frédéric Bennett on ArtStation at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/alejandra-vega

Frédéric Bennett works as a concept artist at Eidos Montreal. Get ready for sweet art from the new Deus Ex game, Mankind Divided.