Create a straw bale garden to grow edible oyster mushrooms using 100th Monkey Mushroom Farm's Mushroom Garden Kit!

Create a straw bale garden to grow edible oyster mushrooms using Monkey Mushroom Farm's Mushroom Garden Kit!

Growing oyster mushrooms on straw

Learn how to grow mushrooms on straw. Complete and easy instructions for growing your own delicious mushrooms!

A rundown of mushroom species you can grow, and a bit about each of them

Although button mushrooms, portabellas, and shiitakes are best known, oyster mushrooms are the easiest to grow at home.

Alan Barker is trying to turn his hobby of fruiting mushrooms at home into a food business. Currently, these King Oyster Mushrooms are flourishing.

Many people don't realize that mushroom growing is something that can be done right in their own greenhouse. And since mushrooms are such a wonderful

Bubriski, Fortini, and Tobias of Portland Mushroom Company grow their oyster mushrooms in reusable plastic buckets instead of disposable plastic bags, and use a reclaimed shipping container as a climate- and humidity-controlled grow room.

Why Oregon is doing mushrooms right

Grow oyster mushrooms in a laundry basket.

Home Mushroom Cultivation From Scratch, is an article written by Mark Sanborn about his process of obtaining a mushroom from the wild and getting it to grow at home. Step by step DIY instructions how to grow oyster mushrooms in a laundry basket.

DIY Garden Mushroom - Made with terra cotta pots and drain trays.

Clay Pot Toadstools Lots Of Cute Ideas

Garden Art Mushrooms......made from old logs and stainless steel bowls from them!

Using stumps and red and white polka-dot painted bowls, create whimsical 'mushrooms' in your garden or yard.old bowl and colanders.

variety of garden mushrooms

Methow Valley Herbs: Medicinal Mushrooms: Some mushrooms can be DEADLY! If you are unsure as to what mushroom you have, it's best to discard it and/or leave it be!


Re-growing mushrooms from store-bought button mushroom. I think this would work on portabella mushrooms as well. Instructions at the link: www.