My kingdom is the Kingdom of Eroaiwyn. There are no villages near the castle, who's is to be expected as the majority of the Darklands are spread throughout, and much of the Outerlands is barren.

Gothic & vampiric castle (reminiscent of Bram Stoker's tale). haunting and scary- fits the theme

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Destroyed Cathedral Exterior by inetgrafx on deviantART Inspiration for the vampires crypt detailing the defenestration window for the back story


Beauty and the Beast / karen cox. Tower Roses surround the castle in La Belle et La Bete.they must never be picked.

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Dark and eerie Victorian night time streets

A sooty, foggy night in Victorian London. great atmosphere for horror and vampires - Phuoc Quan: Black and White painting I get an eerie sense from this photo, something like what our set will be.

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