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Titanfall mangafied.  Download the wallpaper - http://digitalart.io/titanfall-anime-mech-girl-wallpaper/

Anime girls mechs widescreen desktop mobile iphone android hd wallpaper and desktop.


Black Phoenix Project: Ambulance Mech by Bulgarov - Vitaly Bulgarov - CGHUB

China tightens controls on export of drones, supercomputers http://f24.my/1IxXzHI

FRANCE 24 on

This article originally appeared in Caixin. A tech evolution and falling production costs have allowed drones to make the flight off military bases and .


Really intrigued by the idea of a monster / alien / creature that has muscle or skin covering and hiding an obviously predatory jaw.

by Franco Brambilla, via Behance

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Jessup , Yakovlev Art on ArtStation at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/lRRve

This is one of the other characters I did for the board game, Entropy. My personal favorite, but only because I'm a sucker for cyberpunk.

Dia. A third member of the Gyns Unit. An elite task force of a soldiers who fight for the Republic as hired hands.

Character Design Challenge, number The Soldier: Dusk. So with this design I wanted to do a sci-fi-esque soldier that look cold and lonely. The Soldier: Dusk