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Fairy and fantasy art images, fairy pictures & drawings, flower and butterfly illustrations from Fairies World. Fairies World, Fairy & Fantasy Art Gallery - Selina Fenech/Oshun African Goddess©

This app contains a traditional bathing ritual, called the Gold Bath, in honor of the African Goddess Oshun. It may be used to pray for any positive and harmless wish or request, such as love, wealth, fertility, or beauty. Please exercise all proper safety precautions while bathing or burning candles!   Who is Oshun? Oshun is the African Goddess of love, beauty, prosperity, marriage, fertility, and fresh water. She is the Queen of the Rivers and the youngest of the Orishas, or manifestations…

A bathing ritual in honor of Oshun, to pray for any positive and harmless wish.

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Amazing afro-american black woman with dreads beautiful portrait painting by unknown artist (rh or hh?

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