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Palabras necias, oidos sordos ♡

There is a story behind every person. There is a reason why they are as they are. think about that before you judge anyone Todos tenemos una historia que contar

Solo quien te quiere... #frase #español

No soy de gustarme estas cosas pero meh, para eso esta "imagen varia" :v

Resultado de imagen para benjamin griss poemas

Resultado de imagen para benjamin griss poemas


La creatividad es la inteligencia divirtiéndose - A.

No puede ser más cierto...

We live in a world where the funeral is more important than the deceased , the wedding more than the love and the physical appearance over the intellect. We live in a culture that values the package and despises the content - Eduardo Galeano


They split up. She took the left road. But they forgot something: the world, it is round.