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Around Chester: Medieval Shoes

Around Chester: Medieval Shoes Medieval Shoes shoes worn by the pilgrims at the Minstrels Court. They came in two halves, a top leather shoe and a wooden base, or patten, which hinged.

Modern replicas based on a pair of leather Roman boots excavated at Vindolanda on Hadrian's Wall. Based on where they were unearthed, it's believed the originals belonged to Vinolanda's commanding officer. Note the hobnails.

Hand Made Historical Replicas & Souvenirs and Roman Footwear for Exhibition and Re-enactment.

Finally "finished" enough.  Rubbed down with a "tea" of walnut juice, worn dry, and oiled. I already know the modifications needed for the next pair.

Turnshoes - Rubbed down with a “tea” of walnut juice, worn dry, and oiled.

Shoe making tutorial. Adventures in Medieval Shoe-Making! (a tutorial). More how to's here http://jubilee101.com/subscription/pdf/Shoes-and-Sandals/Guide-to-Making-Viking-Turnshoes---9pages.pdf

Dorestad: Old Norse Reproduction Handmade Leather Shoe - check the super clever handmade toggles