Swirl pebble mosaic path.

Spiral Stone Path - This would be a beautiful design for a small backyard garden. The same stones can frame the patio area in a smaller spiral pattern or a plain frame motif, as well.

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Concrete hands cup a plant. diy concrete hands planter using cement and old rubber gloves.

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Mandala backyard patio project Custom designed patio for a sunny spot in the garden. Patio is 11 feet in diameter, large enough for a table and 6 chairs. Photo by Marianne Kaplan of Pebble and Co.

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Did you know that you can make great planters out of old tires? All you need to do is cut out your old tires and turn them inside out.

25 Amazing DIY Ideas How to Upgrade your Garden this Year

25 Amazing DIY Ideas How to Upgrade your Garden this Year

I might have to make a table out of these stones! Easy Garden DIY Projects with Stones (Diy Garden Art)

Incredible stone masonry

10 Natural Rock Garden Walls

Half retaining wall and half sculpture, this river rock garden wall ensures the beauty of this outdoor space doesn’t end at the edge of the garden. Large river rocks are placed in a spiral pattern that swirls across the wall.

Spiral, stone mosaic pathway

21 Cool Pebble Pathway Design Ideas for Lavishly Garden

Pebble mosaics

Bee Keeper's Garden mosaic, Hampton Court Flower Show, Maggy Howarth - Cobblestone Designs.