moncabinetdecuriosites:  fairytalemood:  “Rapunzel” by Toshiaki Kato

Rapunzel Syndrome Named after: Rapunzel, in the Brothers Grimm fairy tale, who let her flowing hair down to allow the prince to climb into the tower where she was held captive.

Set Your Heart Free Art Print

Christian Schloe "Set Your Heart Free" digital painting // surreal art digital art butterflies

Dive   by insanellamagirl

Plunge boldly into the thick of life. ~Goethe but don't plunge boldly into the snow on the ground. You'll hit your head.

Maher Art Gallery: Andrey Remnev/, Moscow

Andrey Remnev, Russian artist, uses the style of icon painting. Famous for complete immobility of characters and reference to Russian ethnic style.


painted ladies by ryan pickart. Like a modern day Klimt. "Odette," by American artist Ryan Pickart Often misattributed to Gustav

"Metamorphosis", the work of Austrian Photoshop-artist Christian Schloe

Pinzellades al món: Surrealisme i art: Christian Schloe / Surrealismo y arte / Surrealism and art: Christian Schloe

American painter Michael Carson

American painter Michael Carson (b. {contemporary art influenced by Toulouise Loutrec, John Singer Sargent, Norman Rockwell, Malcolm Liepke, and Milt Kobayashi}

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michelle blade-- I like this it looks like those times when you're on the edge of the earth somewhere and it feels like outer space

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"Bye bye butterfly" by Catrin Welz-Stein

vintagegal:    Spring Scattering Stars 1927 by Edwin Howland Blashfield

hoodoothatvoodoo: “ Edwin Howland Blashfield ‘Spring Scattering Stars’ 1927 ” Spring Scattering Stars by Edwin Howland Blashfield Happy EQUINOX!