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Ahat awkward moment when you realize that Willow and Jaden's names are just the genderswapped version of their parent's.

10 Fresh Memes: Using The Toilet At Your Friend's Home.

The first one When you act sweet and then you trust them enough to show the real you

10 Furniture Memes! #9 Kitty Jesus Rising From The Couch.

Thing is, street performers don't use those things. Its called leg strength. << no it’s not they use poles and a stand

True love on Valentine's Day is a beautiful thing

People get so butthurt over the stupidest things these days

Can you imagine if at the funeral home everyone was giving their condolences and someone walked up to the family and said "My bad" and then just walked away? Hahahahaha!!

‘I’m sorry’ and ‘my bad’…

Haha this is hilarious. You can't not laugh at this! Lol, too funny!