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Cattail wire mesh bird feeder stakes for chickadees, nuthatches, and finches. Be so pretty around a pond.

Make a Bird Feeder with Cups and Saucers

16 Homemade Garden Crafts You Will Love

Dollar Store Crafts created this DIY Tea Cup Bird Feeder for just dollars. Get the kids for this craft! They'll love making their own bird feeders & seeing them hang in the garden.

Winter In COLORS

Bird house Old wood. Snowman bird feeder, such a cute idea. dishes into bird feeder

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the garden-roof coop: DIY Sunflower seeds Tower Bird-Feeder using mesh hardware cloth and saucers - maybe use cute plates from thrift store?

Чем кормить птиц и СКВОРЕЧНИК своими руками (48) (452x600, 178Kb)

DIY wine bottle bird feeder - If I used all my empty wine bottles the birds around our house would get FAT!


Tried-n-true simple bird treat recipe - homemade bird food/ suet recipe included.

10 Creative DIY Bird Feeders • A great round-up on DIY Bird Feeder projects from around the web with lots of Tutorials!

10 Creative DIY Bird Feeders

10 Creative DIY Bird Feeders ~ A great round-up on DIY Bird Feeder projects from around the web with lots of Tutorials! ~~ via gardenglove .

garden girl / on TTL Design

Woodland Inspiration Green Fern Lady Bird Feeder Outdoor Garden Statue made from a tree stump.

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Pumpkin Bird Feeder The party doesn't have to end once guests have finished carving their pumpkins. Browse our best pumpkin-seed crafts and recipes, including a pumpkin bird feeder, a pumpkin seed necklace and many more.


Earth Day is drawing near, and DIY bird feeders are a great project for you and your kids to get closer to nature. Try one of these 9 eco-friendly DIY bird feeders!

How to get hummingbirds to nest in your garden.

How to get hummingbirds to nest! I love the mosaic look of the moss that humming birds sculpt onto their nests. Humming birds are very allusive but some people have actually trained them to trust the human hand.

A quick guide to making your yard “Bird Attractive”

A quick guide to making your yard “Bird Attractive”

Baby birds need warm, cozy nests! Cotton tufts and aspen fibers are super-soft, dry fast and give nestlings a comfy cushion to rest on as they grow. Birds instantly recognize these superior materials and return again and again to ga

the garden-roof coop: DIY Flowerpot Bird-Feeder

Are you looking for a way bird feeder attract birds to your home. If you want to make your own, then a DIY flower pot bird feeder is a perfect idea.


For the birds: Use a bundt pan, fill will cranberries, bird seed, nuts add water and freeze. Hang with a strong string and watch the birdies and squirrels enjoy winter treat.