Every Woman Should Shave Her Head At Least Once – Here's Why

I’ve shaved all my hair off before. I was 25 years-old, a little boozed, and at a friend’s house when I suggested that we shave my head. He agreed, grabbed …


"Baldvin" is a new series by photographer Sigga Ella, featuring portraits of women of all ages who have alopecia, an autoimmune disorder that results in unpredictable hair loss.

Only Amber Rose can pulled out a bold buzz cut, paired with fuchsia lips and lushious lashes on BET Awards 2013.

Amber Rose This busty model never shot a movie, but was taking off her clothes when she was just to try and help support her family who were suffering with financial problems. Much more effective than just taking out loans I guess?

25 Mejores Cortes de pelo corto verano de 2016

25 Mejores Cortes de pelo corto verano de 2016