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If You're Bad At Math, It's Because You Didn't Learn These 11 Simple Tricks

If You're Bad At Math, It's Because You Didn't Learn These 11 Simple Tricks

11 Simple Tricks to improve your kid's math skills (or your own's.

Being a writer means a certain adherence to grammar rules . Every once in a…

Grammar Rule: "Hilarious, irreverent, and just the right amount of snark… <- hehehe I do all these as a writer and its fun to watch people squirm like a worm

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“Phrasal verbs” are two word verbs with meaning beyond the individual words. Generally a verb and a preposition, meanings can vary even when the verb is the same. This infographic illustrates phrasals using “get.

Commonly Confused Adjectives

Perbedaan antara many, much, few, a few, little dan a little

How To Use a Semicolon

This actually makes sense to me now; who knew you had to use hairy knuckles and dinosaurs? How To Use a Semicolon.

Learning the 12 verb tenses in English grammar

12 verb tenses English grammar - 12 Verb Tenses that are in the English language. Tenses are all used to indicate action that has taken place in the past, present, and future. Learning English vocabulary and grammar