How Do I Crochet: Learn How to Read a Crochet Pattern |

How Do I Crochet: Learn How to Read a Crochet Pattern

This Harvard Square is perfect for beginners but still fun and intricate. You'll love the design and color scheme for this easy crochet pattern.

Cheerful Child Blanket CAL - includes list of blocks & links

Cheerful Child Blanket Crochet Along is Here! First Three Squares - Pink Mambo

This Cheerful Posy Wheel Granny Square is part of a fun CAL.

Cheerful Posy Wheel Granny Square

If you are looking for a bright addition to your next granny square afghan, the Cheerful Posy Wheel Granny Square Pattern is just the ticket. In the center of the crochet square is a pretty wheel in two alternating shades of pink.

heart stricken.jpg

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Heart Stricken SquareCopyright to champygirl February 2011 Materials:Worsted Weight.

Cheerful Easton Granny Square| a circular center makes this granny square a floral delight

Cheerful Easton Granny Square

The Cheerful Easton Granny Square is an easy crochet granny square pattern that starts with a crochet magic circle and extends outwards to create a beautifully simple crochet square.

Cheerful Child Crochet Along Avery Square #7

Part of a crochet along, this Cheerful Avery Granny Square is one of 25 beautifully floral and bright crochet granny squares. This Avery granny square is one of the sweetest of the group. The finished product is a vibrant granny square pattern.