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David Tennant - Hamlet Promo -- I've pinned this on my Doctor Who board because I feel that everyone should get the chance to stare at this picture. Once a Time Lord, always a Time Lord.

King of the Mountain. | Community Post: 27 Photos Of David Tennant That Will Make Your Panties Drop.

King of the Mountain.

Because you can't have a Geekery board without David Tennant.

(Gif) David Tennant in who do you think you are. I actually learned some Scottish history in that.

this love is glowing in the dark

The gift of drunk dancing in jorts.

23 Gifts David Tennant Has Graced The World With

23 Gifts David Tennant Has Graced The World With In honor of his birthday, let's just take a moment to really appreciate this man and everything he does for us. The gift of drunk dancing in jorts.

busy-fangirling-dont-disturb:    thetindalek:    luluisyoung:    im gonna cry why does he have to be so cute no u r a grown man stop    This is sure to brighten your day.    I will always reblog this. always.

Best gif ever to brighten your day. I stared at it for a good five minutes.

David Tennant's dimples << and freckles.. Don't forget the freckles!!

I am half in love with that dimple

David tennants hair can cure anything

The fact that someone made this... David Tennant Addicts are dedicated people!

the things one finds on the interwebs. The Stages of David Tennant's Facial Hair.

Gefällt 36 Mal, 2 Kommentare - david tennant (@love.tennant) auf Instagram: „{340/365} reading: n/a eyyy I forgot to mention that I bought my tickets for the reputation tour…“

David Tennant in his outfit for Nativity 2 but still is the Doctor in my mind

Words can not decribe how amazing this man is  #DavidTennant

This is the picture I show my friends when they ask what "my type" of guy is. DavidTennant/Doctor/TimeLord doesn't translate well to normal people.

David Tennant

"Nerd guys look at the this picture and see the Doctor; Nerd girls look at this picture and see the Doctor and their future huband." - and some of the guys I am guessing.

Doctor Who? Doctor Pimp TAKE ALL MY MONEY

"Take My Money, Take My House, I Sell My Parents!" Now take my money!

David Tennant.

David Tennant-- Holy TARDIS of Gallifrey! Is that Gallifreyan written on the wall? That's NOT David Tennant.


Wearing a bedazzled Stormtrooper t-shirt. And a blazer. With the cutest smile on the planet.

Guh <3

Never been super fond of DT with facial hair. But this pic is. Wooooooow < just the last part :)

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Don't listen to the bad man - David Tennant on QI

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