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Five Nights At Freddys 2 by BlasticHeart on DeviantArt

Springtrap and the vents by leda456.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

This is a short comic. I played and this came to my mind when I sealed the vent just in time. I hope you like it (sorry for bad english) Springtrap and the vents

AT-ing for JUST BECAUSE they wanted FONNIE adfghfjgkjkhfjghfd///trash for laifu I planned to use my DS actually but nayy maybe for a doujin I'll ve making later on :vv OH YE BONNIE'S WAY OF SAYING ...

a small sketch i was kinda afraid to lose some love for traditional art when i bought the graphic tablet, but i'm happy to say i was wrong.

Five Nights at Freddy's4 by gatanii69 on DeviantArt ^^ Plushtrap, Foxy and Bonnie look hot

Five Nights at by on DeviantArt Damn they look hot ahaha FNAF, Plushtrap, Foxy, Bonnie,

"an unfortunate incident at a sister location..."

"an unfortunate incident at a sister location..."

im not alone :3 by Kamik91 on DeviantArt

F-sometimes sing with the band in the nigth.but freddy is jaleous about my beauty voice FF-what are you telling Fox?

So this is what happens when you win fun with Plushtrap

✨{GTFO Nightmare Bonnie by on DeviantArt!}✨<<< this is what happens when you win Fun with Plushtrap

When I try to get a GirlFriend at school #KillMe

Ballora is gonna go through some hard times once the "weird" part of the internet find her ff It's a shame, because her design looks awesome imo :'v If I ever put her in my AU, I'm gonna give her a.

I was disappointed about him being a lamp in the third game tbh

I was disappointed about him being a lamp in the third game tbh. But the toilet paper, gets him back for him always being a d***b**

Purple Guy Collection by MightyHamster.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Here is Purple Guy (William/Vincent) Request by Fluffynutty , Special thanks for : .

SPEEDPAINT >> www.youtube.com/watch?v=w9yKUk… Purple guy again~!  Hope you guys are not getting sick of them lol   More FNAF Fanart >>  Please nuu using witho...

((Im violet)) um. i heard you were my night guard buddy tonight. *i say shakily* vincent: yeah.*he says with a slight grin this one is weak. shell be easy to get ride of.