RUDE!!!! I am so sad.... To many feels! DN - the day... by on @deviantART

I realized how fucking heartless i am when i laughed at how the kid fell down.And it's like so sad , serious and i frickin' laugh.

But that's not like him at all! He even cleans the house of is victims spot for spot!

He even cleans the house of is victims spot for spot!<< the fact the L is crying I can't.

L, M y N ♡

メロLニアつむつむ by こごめ (? somebody, correct me, please) Owww. I just love…

M (Mail Jeevas) , M (Mihael Keehl) , L (L Lawliet) & N (Nate River) - Death Note

Matt (Mail Jeevas) , Mello (Mihael Keehl) , L (L Lawliet) & Near (Nate River) - Death Note

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It's even worse because Matt's a gamer and that's why it says game over on the wall. (The gamer thing is probably also the reason I like him so much)

#wattpad #random Oh sí, bebé 7u7  ➡Primer libro relacionado a Free! ➡Acá vas a encontrar razones para shippear a esta hermosa pareja.  ☁Créditos a @chxrrycola [ella creo los rps].   ➡ #404 De Todo ➡  18/04/16 ➡ #366 De Todo ➡ 22/05/16  ➡#293 De Todo ➡ 27/05/16 ➡ #1 en RinHaru ➡ 18/04/16 - 06/07/16

『Razones para shippear RinHaru』 - #59

- OVA parody by Tenshi-no-Hikari on DeviantArt I ship it rinharu for the win!

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BANG deathnote L - if only this would have happened, the anime would be a lot shorter.