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http://electromatix.pl/japonczycy-wracaja-do-atomu-mimo-ogromnych-strat-po-fukushimie-zaczynaja-modernizacje-elektrowni/  Dwa lata po katastrofie w Fukishimie Japonia wraca do gospodarki opartej na energii jądrowej. Próby oparcia krajowej energetyki o spalanie gazu i węgla okazały się nieudane.

The Japan flag was officially adopted on January The centered sun symbol (called Hinomaru) has been an important part of Japan's flag for thousands of years. The white field is symbolic of honesty and purity.

(DENMARK) officially the Kingdom of Denmark is a sovereign state in Northern Europe, located south-west of Sweden, south of Norway, and bordered to the south by Germany. The Kingdom has two autonomous constituent countries in the North Atlantic Ocean, the Faroe Islands and Greenland. At 43,094 square kilometers (16,638.69 sq mi), and a population of around 5.6 million

Vessels sailing under the Denmark country flag are required to have on board this flag as part of flag state requirements that derive from maritime regulations in the International Code of Signals and

Free Tibet

“Snow Lion Flag”, the flag of Tibet. The Tibetan flag, introduced by the Dalai Lama in was designed with the help of a Japanese priest. The traditional Tibetan symbols are displayed in the.

Republic of the Union of Myanmar (Union of Burma)

Flag of Myanmar - Gallery of sovereign state flags - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Flag of China

National flags of all 197 independent countries of the world represented in alphabetical order.

National flag of Nauru from http://www.flagsinformation.com/nauru-country-flag.html  Blue with a narrow, horizontal, yellow stripe across the center and a large white 12-pointed star below the stripe on the hoist side; the star indicates the country's location in relation to the Equator (the yellow stripe) and the 12 points symbolize the 12 original tribes of Nauru.

Find some interesting facts about the world's smallest island nation. Did you know Nauru is visited by only 200 tourists every year. It has only one airport.

One of Uzbekistan's issues is Migration. 10% of the country is unemployed and 20% are underemployed. People want to leave this country to get better jobs.

One of Uzbekistan's issues is Migration. of the country is unemployed and are underemployed. People want to leave this country to get better jobs.