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Ruby: (Here comes the ball, c'mon Lapis...)  Lapis: (Well, the ball was technically hitted. I did my job... I'm outta here.)  Ruby: (Err... Hit?)  Lapis: (No, I'm Bob. And Bob has done his job.)  Ruby: (:::)

Ruby: (Here comes the ball, c'mon Lapis.) Lapis: (Well, the ball was technically hitted.) Ruby: (:::) Lapis is me in softball or any game in the matter

Sapphire & Ruby's weapons

like, I dunno you guys but having in mind how Garnet’s gauntlets look, it make me think which kind of weapons the small mommas have, I personally think Ruby has a cute lil boxing glove and Sapphire.

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She's touching me scene from Lilo and Stitch Stitch gets a Glitch, re-enacted by Peri and Lapis

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This is basically how i feel about new gems being added in the show.that and hoping they don't have the same names as any of my gemsonas so i won't have to change any