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Anita. Lápiz sobre papel. Fernando Ferreiro.

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Percabeth sleeping in stables before Frank finds them

“We just came down here to talk. We fell asleep.”-Annabeth “Kissed a couple of times…” -Percy “Not helping!”-Annabeth, Mark of Athena

the afterlife : Photo

burdge: because it’ll be a little longer before i can complete my side of the art trade with oreides, i feel like i should post these doodles of oremadi i did last week in class. i tooooold you they were fluffy its the only way i operate

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•°•✧ Pinterest - @ Tanyacrumlishx•°•✧

When Amber and her best friend, Josh, get into a fight, will they finally fall in love or forget about each other and go on with their lives?