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Think I might pick some of the daisies growing in my yard, to put in my geisha hairdo for my bday party!

thekimonogallery:  Girl in ceremonial Shinto ‘coming of age’ kimono outfit.  Japan

❀ Gorgeous Kimonos on Shichi-go-san ❀The shichi-go-san festival celebrates the (shichi) and (san) birth years of young girls and (go) birth years of young boys all around Japan in October.

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Geishas in Kyoto, Japan

Quick tea ceremony prior to the Miyako Odori dance at the Gion-kobu Kaburen-jo Theatre

京都の花 Kimono, Kyoto, Japan by nobuflickr

Love her beautiful golden obi, black kimono, and red hair decorations. I think that she will make a great geisha

Tomoe Gozen in Jidai Matsuri.

Japan, Kyoto - Tomoe Gozen in Jidai Matsuri. The geisha Fukuteru of Miyagawa-cho portrays Tomoe Gozen, a famous female warrior, in Kyoto’s Jidai Matsuri.