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Bansky, 83 Obras de "Arte"

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Check out his awesome work if you don't know much about Banksy!

100+ Amazing Banksy Graffiti That You Need To See!

Banksy - "Thug for Life" street art


Once beautiful Banski art, defaced by the Gray Ghost of New Orleans. I hate the Gray Ghost.

Banksy revisite son emblématique ‘Petite fille au ballon rouge’ en soutien au peuple syrien victime de la guerre depuis trois ans. Son œuvre est au cœur de la campagne #WithSyria.

#WithSyria par Banksy

Banksy Reworks 'Balloon Girl' in Campaign for Syria's Children Idris Elba voices Sunshine spot By David Gianatasio. This is graffiti is it art? Spark discussion with the children.

Banksy.. Hilarious..

This piece of banksy street art from Bristol Centre is called, Banksy's famous sniper graffiti. You can give this piece a rating out of five as well as see where it is located in Bristol by clicking the 'See on map' link

Banksy - Street Art                                                       …                                                                                                                                                                                 Mor

Top 12 Banksy Pieces of 2010

Banksy in Toronto. Jeff Koons style balloon dog with policeman.

Banksy a New York. Il futuro dei graffiti (28 ottobre) Con l'inizio dell'ultima settimana newyorkese, Banksy si è spostato a Coney Island, una penisola nella zona meridionale di Brooklyn, tradizionale meta vacanziera degli abitanti della Grande Mela. Questa volta il soggetto - un writer, come spesso accade - è un robot, munito di bomboletta spray.

Banksy in NYC Day Tagging Robot with Barcode in Coney Island. Today, Banksy hit up Coney Island with this whimsical robot tagging a barcode after two days of predominantly text pieces.

Banksy graffiti

Stop and Search Soldier Art Print - Banksy is the most notable Bristol graffiti artists and has done commercial work such as the album cover for the band Blur.


Banksy wanted 'Clacton-on-Sea' to confront racism Banksy anti-immigration birds mural destroyed by Douglas Carswell (Ukip) - complaint “offensive and racist”. A painting that eloquently challenged views on immigration-opens diologue:

muretz cultrurainquieta9

“Exit to Exist” Muretz, artist from Sao Paulo