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Bansky, 83 Obras de "Arte" - Imágenes

Kenny Random is a street artist hailing from Padova, Italy. Beyond that there is not much information on the artist aside from his fantastic artwork that can be seen on his personal website and Facebook. His older work primarily centers around a silhouetted man and his cat. They can be spotted roaming the city, injecting colour and traipsing over poorly scrawled graffiti.

Snoopy loosing his balloon in Padua, Italy. Kenny Random is an Italian street artist who has a simple yet lasting approach to his art. For this new Snoopy artwork he used stencils and played off of the famed Banksy artwork of the little girl letting a bal

Banksy on Canvas - There Is Always Hope Balloon Girl

There Is Always Hope Balloon Girl by Banksy Canvas Print by Banksy Street Art on

Chronic Illness | "Hopes and Dreams, Cancelled | "This is not the Life I Ordered!!! | #Lupus #Fibromyalgia #MS #ME #RA #chronicfatigue #chronicpain #chronicillness .......

Banksy Dreams cancelled to buy online: Display this piece of modern contemporary canvas art on your wall

Beautiful, inspirational and creative images from Piccsy. Thousands of Piccs from all our streams, for you to browse, enjoy and share with a friend.

Someone spray-painted all of this whhhhhaaaatttt?

Street Art Banksy Some Of My Favorites Banksy Street Art On Clipstone Street Fitzrovia Buy This Bank

Beautiful Crime ‏@beautifulcrime via Twitter shared... Politics & Banksy #StreetArt

Funny pictures about If you repeat a lie. Oh, and cool pics about If you repeat a lie. Also, If you repeat a lie.


Social Graffiti, I love it! Banksy, England based graffiti artist: "Keep your coins, I want Change" has seriously been my desktop pic forever.I want change.


عندما هاجم فنان الشارع بانسكي وجود الجدار العازل بين فلسطين وإسرائيل Quand l’artiste Banksy s’attaque au mur séparant la Palestine et Israël

Bansky Cut It Out Graffiti - Palestine Of all the Banksy artworks on the Israeli West Bank wall, this is the most simple. A perforated line with scissors. Yet it is a powerful statement urging by-passers to cut a hole in the wall and reunite the people.

a piece of artwork similar to the work of banksy featuring shamed pr guru max clifford has appeared on a wall in battersea in london

Banksy - Graffiti shaming Max Clifford after he was sentenced to 8 years in prison for multiple counts of sexual assault


''If you want to achieve greatness stop asking for permission'' Great inspirational quote.


Banksy Detroit Serena - Poignant yet simple message, the notorious artist makes an important point, on how the world has changed and we now have concrete and breaks rather than trees;