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Wendy. I'm not Wendy just to let you know I would have made Peter stay with me and then would spend ever Summer in Neverland together

Scientists Induce Lucid Dreams With Electrical Stimulation - Researchers made a massive step forward in understanding the physiology of lucid dreams.

Sunrise over Neverland...

The Northern Passage

When I was little I would stand up on my parents bed and make my 'Peter Pan' pose and see my shadow on the wall....I still do hehe!!

Peter Pan's Shadow P. Peter Pan winked at me from his float in the parade at Disney World last weekend.

Sometimes you just need to go up to get a better view.   Gillian Gamble Photography

An original, signed and numbered fine art print by Gillian Gamble. Title: Straight On Til Morning Size: 8 x 12 Your print will arrive without the watermark text seen in.

{Peter Pan} "Never say goodbye..." #PeterPan #Neverland #JMBarrie

"Never say goodbye because saying goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting." Peter Pan<<<Today's quote is from Peter Pan