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long exposure photography black and white - This image shows the sense of movement and I pined mostly for the independant unit and to have an idea how to create an image for the moving object theme

black and white photography | black and white, photography, surreal - image #442310 on Favim.com

The reflection on the puddle of her feet adds a lot to this photo. There are many middle tons in this picture.

Labo Photos

Labo Photos

aquaticwonder:    Strike Through

The ray of light peeking through the crack creates a blinding effect on the subject. The light is so bright that it blinds her vision, covering her eyes in the photo. The black and white filter makes the ray of light even more bright.

David Oakill, Convergence - #street #photography #black #white #stripes #josephcarinicarpets

This photo has geometric lines with many stripes being present in the image. The buildings in the background along with the sidewalk have black and white stripes which give the image many straight, geometric lines.

Untitled 2013. revised by karborn. #black #white #photography                                                                                                                                                                                 More

I chose this photo because of the use of line. The stairs creates a pattern that is disrupted by the subjects in the photo (the people).

Espace  I love this too! I like when nature is brought into artwork.  https://i.pinimg.com/originals/bc/0d/7d/bc0d7d36ed0329e61262be60fd9fb6a7.jpg

The highlight in this photograph is the usage of negative dark space. The crack of white light/space really highlights the picture.