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Anyone who has ever been stuck at an airport overnight has likely wished for a private, comfortable space to catch some shut-eye in the midst of all the chaos. A mat that folds up entirely flat but can be manipulated into all sorts of different shapes offers just that. The RESMO by Chien-Hui Ko  ...
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Inspired by origami folding techniques, Lapel is a sculpturally unique chair with outstanding environmental credentials. It is a standard chair produced by profiling, scoring and folding 100 per cent recycled plastic (HDPE) sheet. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, the chair can be assembled tool-free in minutes without glues or screws. Lapel is made from waste material retrieved from landfill and can be cleanly dismantled and returned to the recycle stream at the end of its life as a No.2…
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Wat: Vouwwow 01  Ontwerper/fabrikant: Cartoni Consepts Herkomst: Nederland Materiaal: Honingraad karton Prijs: €175,00
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Schamburg and Alvisse designed these sustainable, modular... #Sleepys