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Ohhhhhh i just luv this pin my grandaughter sent it to me for MY birthday . For your birthday . Kinda like the birthday card that keeps on giving . Have a happy day !

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How to Celebrate Your Cat's Birthday. If you love your cat, you may want to celebrate its birthday. There are many fun, festive ways to show your cat you care. Organize the festivities ahead of time. Decide whether to throw a big party or.

The "Stink Eye" Tried By Many, Perfected By Cats - 21 Pics

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adorable baby dwarf hamster

10 Secrets to Raising a Healthy, Happy Dwarf Hamster

Dwarf Hamster care What’s in your pocket? If it’s not a dwarf hamster, then you’re definitely missing out on one of the greater joys of life. And just in case you’re wondering, they’re called pocket pets, because, well .

Happy Birthday! - Funny Birthday Songs (Gary the Guinea Pig) - YouTube

Happy Birthday to You! Cute little Gary the Guinea Pig sings his very own funny version of the Happy Birthday song, just for you! For more Funny Birthday Son.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Friends

If you eat an apple daily, you will be keeping a doctor away, while a candle day will surely bring a very large fire on the cake, happy birthday.