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Cat Woman with a Kitty / Pink and Black illustration

My girls !!

Badass chicks commission - Supergirl Batgirl WonderWoman - color by *marciotakara on deviantART

black barbie drawing - Google Search

Denis Medri Gives Batman and Friends a Rockabilly Makeover [link] Artist Denis Medri created a series of redesigns of characters from Gotham City, transforming Batman’s friends and foes.

Simply Audrey Cat - Google+

russelldauterman: “I don’t know about you, Miss Kitty, but I feel… so much yummier.” Did this a few months back when I got the DC gig - love me some Batman Returns!

Harley Quinn, Joker, and Batman Fan Art by Fabian “Monk” Schlaga — GeekTyrant

DCU - dick grayson, jason todd, tim drake , stephanie brown, damian wayne ( robins )

Gotta keep your Robins straight I only have eyes for Dick (god that sounds bad!


Barbara Gordon and alter ego Batgirl debuted in Detective Comics (cover-dated although the comic was actually released in late as the daughter of Gotham City's Police Commissioner James Gordon.