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"hanging-thief" diogmites robber fly ~ photo by thomas shahan

Damselfly by Murray Clarke:  Damselflies are similar to dragonflies, but...http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Damselfly #Insects #Damselfly

Damselfly by Murray Clarke. A face only a mother could love.

Insecte couvert de rosée  Crédit : Ondrej Pakan

L’image du jour : Insecte couvert de rosée

This picture of an insect covered in dew moments after a downpour is part of Ondrej Pakan’s series of big-eye views from around the world. I hate bugs but this is a pretty cool picture.


Hide 'n' peek! The damselfly who thought he was hidden. but was given away by his bug eyes

Deinopsis ZZ414 male (note the palps) by Fahran Bokhari, Perth

Deinopidae, Net-casting spider or ogre-faced spider male


turquoise beetle ~ reminds me of the faience scarab beetles of Egypt

Really cool pictures of insects by Thomas shahan. www.thomasshahan.com

I’m new to the giraffe enclosure: Male praying mantis head Photo: Thomas Shahan Ascribing animals with human characteristics is nothi.

animaux | 5 Minutes à perdre - Part 31

Compound Eyes of a Holocephala fusca Robber Fly photo by Thomas Shahan via Lost At E Minor.let those with eyes open see all.

Photo by Ondrej Pakan

Photo by Ondrej Pakan


Head of a Male Striped Horse Fly (Tabanus lineola) Photographer: Thomas Shahan