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The Parthenice Tiger Moth (Grammia parthenice) is a moth of the ...

The Parthenice tiger moth (Grammia parthenice) is in the Arctiidae family. Found in southeastern Canada & the eastern United States.

Psychca Moth (not real name) There is an entire board devoted to cool moths. This was repinned from "What The?"

Rosy maple moth - The Rosy Maple Moth (Dryocampa rubicunda) is a North American moth in the Saturniidae family. Sometimes these moths become pests on maple trees.


moths- Peridrome orbicularis and Euplocia membliaria females (Noctuidae: Aganainae)

Male giant silk moths, like this Luna Moth, have very large and feathery antennae for homing in on the pheromones emitted by females. - by Colin Hutton

2013 Nature's Best Photography Windland Smith Rice International Awards - Winners and Highly Honored Photos

Isabella moth (Pyrrharctia isabella), adult form of the wooly bear caterpillar

Isabella moth (Pyrrharctia isabella), adult form of the wooly bear caterpillar - pretty moth :)

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The Venezuelan Poodle Moth is a possible new species of moth discovered in 2009 by Dr. Arthur Anker of Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, in the Gran Sabana region of Venezuela. It bears similarities to the Diaphora mendica, the Muslin Moth, but most likely bel.

Arachnis sp.

Arachnis Moth - I am usually creped out by anything that has more than 4 legs but this one is very pretty.


Chinese Comet Moth / Actias Dubernardi / Chinese Kite - by blepharopsis on DeviantART.


A moth is an insect closely related to the butterfly. Here are some moths I consider interesting and beautiful.