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The Birth of Venus by William Adolphe Bouguereau high and wide.The model for Venus was Marie Georgine ,princess of Ligne. Oh the STUPIDNESS of art censorship!

Viruses---This is a really cool and detailed picture of a virus. The article/blog linked to the picture talks about the good and bad of viruses and how not all viruses harm you.

A virus about to insert its genes into a microbe. One of trillions of viruses that live inside us and may keep us healthy. More details at The Loom.

salvador dali women skull 1951– Nude women posed by Dali forming a skull entitled “In Voluptas Mors” –photograph by Philippe Halsman (in collaboration with Salvador Dali)

Salvador Dalí posing naked female models to form a human skull entitled “In Voluptas Mors” – photograph by Philippe Halsman 1951


Smoking Kids: girl dressed in pink against green wall smoking cigarette. Flemish photographer Frieke Janssens poses young children with cigarettes.

Strange heads | Thomas Robson

Had to smile over this painting. Not only does it capture one's eye, it seems to evoke a feeling of irritation. Darn it - I wanna see the face! Painting by artist Chad Wys.

Then Vermeer was Devoured

Girl with a Pearl Earring (Dutch: Meisje met de parel) is an oil painting by Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer.

There are no defining limits for the gifs that cover quick, emotive scenes from movies, juxtapose video game characters with the real world, and tackle the vast wonders of natural elements. The collection ranges from a simple night mist crossing over a full moon to a psychedelic perspective of the night sky shifting back and forth.

Outrageously Fun GIFs by 40Licks

Kids dancing on the beach from Wes Anderson's "Moonlight Kingdom." Fun, dreamy little film.

Phillip Toledano Invisible Box Iranian censors black out — by hand, one by one — the female form in popular imagery. A common practice across the Middle East, religious or state authorities efface women pictured on most commercial packaging in a loud, crude post-processing of reality. Conceptual artist Phillip Toledano first came across the jarring practice when he took note of such packaging in the backgrounds of photographs that his friends had brought back from the region.

Toledano: The Absent Portrait Art: Excellent project makes portraits of women from censored Iranian packaging

When things get boring, go weird

Possibly the most horrifying craft idea/family portrait. Is that kid poking the pie? More importantly WTF if the white mask? So wrong!

Underwater Ink Photography by Alberto Seveso

Funny pictures about Colourful smoke. Oh, and cool pics about Colourful smoke. Also, Colourful smoke.