Biblioteca Oxford Inglaterra

Bodleian Library - Medieval Architecture - Oxford, England--I'm going to go through these doors into a mystical land of books!

The Jackson Staircase: Hertford College, Oxford

honeycurry: “ The Jackson Staircase: Hertford College This marvellous spiral staircase took my breath away, it’s rather strange but I find it beautiful. The stone spiral staircase was designed by Sir.

Chocolate Heaven??? There really is such a place???

Streets of the world : The Shambles, York, England. Wander around The Shambles on a visit to York.

The Queen's College Library, Oxford

Oxford University Queen’s College Library in Oxford, England 16 Libraries You Have To See Before You Die. *Yay for libraries!

The door to the Old Bodleian Library of Oxford University, with the coat-of-arms of several of the University’s colleges.

Doors to the Old Bodleian Library "Bodley" "The Bod", Oxford University. One of the oldest in Europe. Second in size in Britain.

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antique door in Romania. Where can I live that this wouldn't be totally out of place? (Other than Romania).

Derbyshire, England

The Devil’s Arse, Castleton, UK. Photo by Norman Smith ~I love the British."where do you live?" "On the Devil's Arse"